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From palm program though to integrated manufacturing control: our products at a glance.

Basic products and customising

Our strength is the individual, rapid and cost-effective adaptation of our products to your applications. Our development departments work is interdisciplinary; for you this means that each area profits from the experience and innovation of the others. The boundary between a basic product and its potential special development is consciously fluid and is largely planned-in as early as the development phase.

220_prod_as.jpgTaking the control systems used for the field of asphalt as an example, we have developed a basic version of a platform, which already covers over 90% of functionality. Depending on the configuration of your special system, the visualisation, the addresses and linkage of the sensors and actuators and the process engineering dependencies are implemented on agreement and are checked on site during commissioning more...

219_prod_if.jpgTransporting products from A to B, cleaning, filling, packaging, aligning for labelling or buffering in holding stages: The demands placed on the control system for the in-house product-handling are high, and the industry-specific regulations, especially in the food and drug field, are diverse. Here we would like to present you our products. more...


In the field of
building materials / manufacturing, automation encompasses the manufacture or processing of products from the fields of cellular concrete, steel and petrochemicals, as well as waste treatment. more...

223_prod_db.jpgBesides automating machines, systems or factories, a large number of our software developers are involved with achiving, evaluating and exporting production and process data. We offer
process database applications, e.g. for handheld PCs, as well as for intranet solutions or database interfaces, such as Oracle or for SAP integration.more...

222_prod_auft.jpgFinally, together with you, miprotek also realises solutions for your very special applications and carries out contract development for a wide range of manufacturers. Whether optical laser tracking, data acquisition in aircraft construction or controller programming for plotters, the fields of application are as varied as the automation applications themselves. more...


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