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Bill Gates, 1981
Process databases, quality assurance and integrated production

process database

The world is growing together, the market is getting tighter: Only the most detailed knowledge of production and the corresponding information lead decides who survives in this environment.
So letís say goodbye to the time when every automation project represented an island solution.
We offer you diverse process database solutions to match the overall concept required. Our products range from mobile databases on small handheld PCs (e.g. Palm) to the pure export of data in individual ASCII or XML structures to superordinate systems (e.g. SAP), storage and evaluation of process data in databases (e.g. Oracle, MySQL, ACCESS etc.) via intranet solutions, through to complete production control or production planning systems (PPS).
With the mipro BDE system, we offer you universal operational data acquisition, which you can flexibly program yourself and expand at any time.
Especially at the beginning, as early as the conceptual design phase, you should find out objectively and comprehensively about the advantages and disadvantages of the various options available. For this reason, we would like to present you some examples of our services for the respective levels.

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