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Lord Kelvin, President of the Royal Society, 1895
Together with you, we develop sophisticated solutions

contract development

If you can answer one of these questions wit ‘Yes’:

  • You are looking for an experienced, motivated and flexible team for a very special application?
  • You are a manufacturer of machines, factories or conveyor systems and are looking for cost minimising alternatives for your automation projects?
  • The market or your customer calls for special software that you don’t wish to develop yourself?
  • You want to outsource part of your development department?
  • You would like an automation project from a single source, from SPC programming through visualisation and finally archiving in databases?
  • You need a professional and innovative concept for a future realisation?
  • Or you would simply like to work together with us?

Then you should give us a call.

You are in the best company: Many firms develop solutions with us for technical and administrative software, which are sold in their name or are part of an overall project bid. Here we would like to present you with a few examples.


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