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We develop innovative software for the asphalt industry.

Asphalt control technology

Since 1983, miprotek has developed control systems for the production of asphalt.

mipro 2000While the first controller MIPRO 83 was realised on the basis of an in-house developed microcontroller, by the end of the 1980s we began to automate weighing based on PC architecture with the MIPRO 2000 system using our own high-level language SPC.
mipro 4000In the mid-1990s we refined the concept with the MIPRO 4000i by integrating the Interbus S field bus system. This controller is structured so flexibly that we were soon able to adapt it to every type of system using a continuously expanding extensive library. This saves development and commissioning costs and makes it both user-friendly and unsusceptible to errors.
mipro DMAIn parallel, we developed the MIPRO DMA system for plants in continuous production (throughput mixing plants). This places special importance on the precisely synchronised activation of the various units to keep startup and shutdown losses as low as possible.

Besides the pure production of asphalt, with the ASPHALTHEK we developed a production planning system, which, together with the controller within a network, supports production from demand planning of the raw materials and the generation of formulas through controlled process monitoring to retrospective process analysis, data archiving and presentation in various reports. This system is unique in its functionality.

Over 300 of our automation systems for the asphalt industry are deployed worldwide in around 10 languages..

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