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mipro 4000i
Process control system for asphalt production plants
Fully automated material drying and production for new plants and modernisations



The mipro 4000i process control system is the advanced development of the mixing computer system mipro 2000i and is designed both for deployment in new plants as well as for complete modernisation. It runs with a RealTime-OS on an industry PC under a Windows operating system.
The Interbus-S field bus with its open architecture and master/slave concept radically reduces the complexity of customer-specific modifications and commissioning; standardised hardware component groups and CE conformity safeguard the supply of replacement parts with extremely short delivery times.
Three process monitors present a brilliant and permanently available visualisation of the complete plant – there is no need for a conventional control panel: Repair operation as well as all necessary mechanical access is achieved directly through visualisation under mouse control; entry of the formula, job and parameters takes place on a separate 3rd monitor.
We modify the mipro 4000i process control system according to your individual specifications.

The system includes the following functions:

  • Intelligent second-run correction via filling speed
  • Automatic bitumen correction
  • Support of special mixing methods (multi-layer mixing process)
  • All common old asphalt feed modes Definition of filling level measurement characteristic curves
  • Predosage regulation via bunker filling levels taking into account oversize/undersize grain components Automatic determination of the predosage formula
  • Automatic determination and preselection of the required bitumen tank
  • Intelligent 3-phase burner regulation (incl. material flow compensation)
  • Fully automatic starting of drying, dosage and production with definable running times (“one click production”)
  • Acquisition of operating data also during production stoppages (log books)
  • Warning if the gas and electricity consumption limits are exceeded
  • Remote maintenance via ISDN/modem for statistics, data back-up and external formula programming
  • Optional interface to ASPHALTHEK with all functions.


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