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mipro 2000i
Automation of the mixing/weighing process in asphalt production plants
Designed especially for the cost-effective modernisation of your plant



Beispiel Grafik mipro 2000 Aufbau InterbusThe software runs on a Windows industry PC with RealTime-OS; the Interbus-S field bus system is used for the I/O level. Your advantage: Its open architecture and master/slave concept radically reduce the complexity for customer-specific modifications and commissioning. Its highly modular software concept makes mipro 2000i outstanding for retrospective automation of existing mixing plants. The extensive program library ensures that every type of plant can be modernised swiftly and cost-effectively. The system can be upgraded stepwise at any time up to the full system mipro 4000i.

Some examples of great functions:

  • Dynamic second-running correction for each component by evaluating the current filling speed optimises the weighing results.
  • Retrospective calculation of the bitumen component for the measured values of the minerals already weighed.
  • Automatically generated batch logs with reports including graphic presentation of these data achieves clarity on the process and quality.
  • The real-time visualisation on a second monitor serves to control and view the production, even during recipe, parameter or job entry and offers direct intervention using the screen mouse.
  • Consumption statistics day/month/year for material types (rather than only the weighing bunker)
  • Dynamic order management (with automatic starting and loading of small jobs)

The following modules may also be integrated:

  • With an integrated coldfeeding system you control and regulate the recipe-dependent coldfeeding taking into account the bunker filling levels as well as the oversize/undersize grain components (on another monitor as required)
  • An intelligent automated burner regulates the flame dependent on the material temperature, raw gas and material feed quantity; the temperature is generally stored in the recipe.
  • Bitumen preselection visualises and sets all valves to select the tank with the corresponding bitumen type according to the recipe.
  • Automatic, job-related switching of the finished product silo.
  • Diverse feed modes for recycling (e.g. using time-delayed centre/elevator feed, belt balance or parallel drum with or without intermediate container) and additives, such as fibrous materials or dyes (feed from sacks, blower or gravimetric)
  • Network connection with data archiving on a file server and transfer of the production data to external programs

No further hardware is used for these modules apart from I/O modules; expansion of the basic automation system takes place seamlessly at any time and guarantees an efficient degree of automation at low hardware cost. This means that even with additional diversity of functions, the system remains simple and clear to operate.

Over 300 applications worldwide in around 10 different languages. Also in your area.


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