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The most extensive production planning system for the asphalt industry
Process preparation, production tracking, material management, quality and process analysis



Asphalthek is a software package to support the production of asphalt from demand planning for the basic materials and generation of the mixing recipes through the control of process tracking and including retrospective process analysis, data archiving and presentation in various reports.

Here Asphalthek serves as a tool for the fields of plant machine technology, laboratory technology quality preservation, administration and scheduling and finally also the core area – the automated production of the mixed product.

It supports effective and professional energy management and resource conservation by representing the individual energy costs for each recipe or the automatic and elegant integration of any addition of old asphalt into the recipe calculation. Not least, it serves as an extensive aid for ISO certification, as a process integration building block in a SAP environment and as a confidence-building instrument for public relations for a modern company .

Functionality and architecture mipro 4000i and Asphalthek:

The mipro 4000i controller receives signals from the plant via a bus system and stores them on a file server in various formats (log books, reports etc.). Here the data can be processed with various Asphalthek components within the network. Asphalthek can also make this processed data available to other external Asphalthek components via data transmission where they can be both preinterpreted (and significantly reduced in their data volume) logs and daily reports as well as all raw data can be requested..

Overview of selected Asphaltek functions

  • Recipe programming (with stepless inclusion (0-60%) of old asphalt additions dependent on the sieve analysis, bitumen content and hardness)
  • Material demand calculation for construction projects
  • Job entry and transfer to mipro 4000i
  • Rapid overview of current production (Quickinfo)
  • Graphic and numerical quality control with mixing logs, variable log print formats
  • Graphical process analysis with log books and critical incident log books in a time scale of 200 ms
  • Energy calculation, energy consumption per recipe and per manufactured ton
  • Variable statistics for production and material consumption, inventory level, energy consumption and operating hours, various graphical presentations
  • Automatically generated daily balances (machine journal) with
    • production quantities material consumption (mineral, filler, bitumen, etc.)
    • production times and operating hours
    • energy costs for each recipe (with adjustable criteria)
    • energy consumption per sensor and total kWh
    • coldfeeding quantities via belt balance
    • daily sensor curves (wind direction, belt balance etc.)
    • ommon messages and plant conditions
    • average temperatures mineral and RC
    • operating and functional checks carried out


We would be pleased to demonstrate the extensive functionality at a plant near you. Further information is available to you as a pdf document. (approx. 1.5 MB)

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