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Marcus Tullius Cicero
Our software engineering.


Whether it is a control technology process, driver software, database interface or web-based visualisation - every application created requires its own programming tools, languages and operating systems. But something they all have in common is lifelong learning, continuous reassessment of the subject matter, balancing the opportunities offered by innovative methods with the assurance of tried and tested architectures.
The success of our software rests on three pillars:
  • The extensive breadth of applications offered by miprotek means there is an interdisciplinary exchange of methods available, in which new ideas flow from other areas.
  • Independence of the products deployed and the systems to be controlled has generated extensive development libraries, which guarantee an effective and cost-effective solution with short development times.
  • The high motivation of our programmers, their identification with the software they create and their working environment and responsibility show that the better solution is also achieved every time through fun at work. And you can see that in every graphic, in every program

Miprotek develops with the following programming languages and tools:

High-level languages

PLC programming

Scripts / interfaces

  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • C.NET
  • Assembler (Microcontroller)
  • VisualBasic6
  • VisualBasic.NET
  • Siemens STEP5
  • Siemens STEP7
  • Siemens ProTool/Pro
  • Siemens WinCC flexible
  • Modicon Modsoft
  • Mitsubishi GX IEC
  • Telemechanique PI7
  • EasySoft, Sucosoft S40
  • HTML
  • PHP4/5
  • Javascript
  • ASP-Script
  • SQL
  • ODBC
  • XML
  • HPGL

In-house developed programming tools

Graphic engine for RTK-OS based systems

Graphic engine for Windows based systems

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