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miprotek has developed automation for over 30 years.


Miprotek was founded in 1983.

The first projects were control systems produced for the construction material industry, which, besides programming, also encompassed the complete development of microprocessor-based hardware. Hence the name miprotek was born as an abbreviation of microprocessor technology.
The field of databases came into being around a year later - programming software for invoicing, address and article management, for mail order companies and billing for health insurance companies, initially with the CP/M operating system, later on the first IBM compatible PC.
Performance spectrum
Today’s miprotek profile developed over the course of time from these two core areas: The production of control systems for industrial processes, the acquisition and processing of production data and the integration of automated production in existing system, e.g. bases on SAP or Oracle databases.
The diversity of automated industries, ranging from construction materials producers for asphalt, aerated concrete or from petrochemicals to industries such as glass and steel processing through to manufacturers of food and medicines, has led to a broad performance spectrum.
So we can offer diverse solutions across a range of customer requests and industries:
Controllers based on

¨       PLC-Systems, e.g.

·         Siemens, Klöckner-Moeller

·         Schneider (Modicon)

·         Mitsubishi, Alan Bradley


¨       Soft-PLC (high-level language-PLC)

¨       microcontrollers

¨       PC-based automationen / visualisation on several monitors


Programming tools and languages (extract)

¨       C-dialects (C, C++, C#)

¨       VisualBasic, Pascal

¨       ProTool/Pro, WinCC

¨       PLC acc. to IEC 1131 / IEC 61161


¨       machine languages (Assembler)

¨       ODCB, XML

¨       HTML, PHP, Flash


Operating Systems

¨       Windows XP, 2000, 9x, etc.

¨       MS-DOS

¨       Palm-OS


¨       Linux

¨       Internet / Intranet

¨       Embedded- or realtime-systems



¨       Switchgear cabinets for

·         indoors

·         outdoors

·         EX areas

·         food/medicine


¨       Manufacturing Industrie PC

¨       Interbus-S, Profibus

¨       networks

¨       complete control containers with switchgear and control station.


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