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Abraham Maslow

Our Philosophy

Profit from our flexibility.
The starting point
In an ever rapidly changing world you have to defend your company, your work, your production every day afresh, keep it strong, flexible and thrifty and sometimes you even have to completely redefine it. Therefore you expect a planned automation project to seamlessly integrate into your existing environment and a benefit, which subsequently repays the costs invested as quickly as possible. You look around and usually find island solutions, specialised on just a few aspects of your requirements and often inflexible in regard to your own needs and structures.
For 20 years now, miprotek has been involved with innovative automation, the evaluation and integration of process data into databases, production planning systems and networked production areas. We are independent in our choice of tools and products deployed and understand ourselves as the link between production and administration, as the perfectly fitting piece in your concept puzzle.
The approach
“There are three ways to ruin a company: with women, that is the most pleasant; with games, that is the fastest and with computers, that is the safest” (Oswald Dreyer)*
Don’t let it come so far. Develop a solution with us, not one based on an inflexible product you have to adapt to. Take advantage of our interdisciplinary experience, our performance spectrum and switchgear design through to web-based representation of evaluated production data and our aspiration to offer the best possible solution. We will spare you from exotic solutions and will attempt to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the relevant system architectures in a way you can understand.
The result
We accompany companies through many innovation steps, e.g. with Hebel AG (today Xella AG) from the first automation islands through networking individual production steps and later the central administration of data in an Oracle database and finally data retrieval and transfer to an AS400 and then SAP. In other cases we jointly developed an in-house centrally administrated production planning system for distributed production sites, we integrated various external solutions and created interfaces to superordinate systems. If the budget is initially limited, we supply proven products whose components and architecture are open and future-proof. We help in the case of communication problems between different systems and consider a contract concluded as just the start of a good working relationship.
Trust a company that offers you flexible tools.

* Excuse this somewhat offensive quote, of course it is just as much fun to ruin a company with a pool boy...

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